Sustainable JC is a Community Green Team initiative and while we are not a 501c3, we have partnered with other Jersey City non-profits to seek funding support for Projects we are collaborating on.  The Ramapo College Foundation is SJC’s fiscal sponsor for grant proposals, to support our Community Outreach & Eduction initiatives and Innovative Demonstration Projects, e.g., SJC’s Rain Gardens +ART Campaign and the JC Street Trees initiative.

In-kind and / or Financial Sponsorship Support is most welcome, for both our Monthly EAT, MEET, TALK Meetings at City Hall and our SJC Green Drinks +ART networking series – these events have associated costs and we thank everyone who has contributed to the success of these community gatherings thus far !


While there are many ways to support our organization, including becoming a Volunteer on one our TEAMS, here are three quick things you can do as an Individual or Organization, that are non-financial (no $$!) ways to advance the Sustainability Movement in Jersey City:

  1. Take our Welcome Survey as this would allow us to get to know what things are important to you as we build this sustainability initiative, particularly our educational programming.  It also puts you into our system so you will receive our periodic newsletter and event notifications.  And you get to indicate if you want to Volunteer on one of our Organizing or Project Teams.  Participation is key to making Jersey City greener, healthier and more resilient – and there are so many ways to do so, small and large.  Everyone has a role in making our communities more sustainable and whether you want spend an hour or a day or some months with us, your contribution will be valued.
  2. When you have some time it would be great if you could tune in to the SJC Charter which we launched Earth Day 2012; this document encompasses the input of many people over a 2-year period who provided feedback and input.  Special thanks to the Charter Task Team who pulled it together so we could publish it.  If the SJC Charter resonates with you, then please sign it and join the many others, including some municipal officials, who are supporting this vision.  It is a very useful guidelines document for the Sustainability Action Plan we hope will soon be part of the City’s Masterplan.
  3. Becoming an SJC Community Outreach Partner is a terrific way for other community organizations to learn about and promote more sustainable ways of living and working in Jersey City.  The Collaborative Network we are trying to grow across Jersey City is the next wave so why not be a part of it ?  Promoting each other’s good work gets us all further along on this journey and there is no better way to advance the values and visions outlined in the SJC Charter.

Thanks for playing with us and appreciate all the enthusiastic support you’ve been sending our way !!