Sustainable Communities integrate a balance of social, environmental and economic values.  Therefore, SJC has moved to bring the arts more centrally into our Innovative Demonstration Projects and into our educational outreach activities as much as possible.  We feel that artists can help us to evolve some of our sustainability strategies and welcome their participation at all of our events.

More about SJC’s +ART initiative here SJC+ART Curator’s statement

Kick back at our monthly SJC Green Drinks + ART patio party with great food, drinks & music + table conversations about neighborhood sustainability – fun networking opportunity for sure ! You can find us at the beautiful amphitheater park in front of the Culinary Conference Center a short walk from the Jrnl Sq PATH – every 3rd Thursday evening and as part of JC Fridays.

Learn about SJC’s +ART Team initiatives and SJC’s Rain Garden +ART Campaign, recently awarded a Geraldine R. Dodge Planning Grant.  This project is an environmental remediation and outreach initiative, using artistic expression to educate the public.  In this case, more Green Infrastructure and Rain Gardens is a priority SJC has petitioned City Hall to get behind and

Our partnership with arts organizations Art House Productions and Pro Arts this past year has been great and we appreciate the opportunity to support their work as we roll out sustainability initiatives for Jersey City.  Last Summer we worked with Art House Productions to share ideas about Creative Placemaking strategies and to develop criteria for environmental impact projects that could include artists – see below.  Most recently, we partnered with Pro Arts on their annual EAT-UP event July 10th 2013, to call for public art installation proposals for SJC’s Rain Garden +ART Campaign

For the month of September we will be sharing exhibit space alongside of the Curator’s Choice show at Victory Hall DRAWING ROOMS, presenting the developing works of some of the artists who will be working with SJC on this initiative.

Click here for more information about Green Infrastructure & Rain Gardens.

July 10th 2013 Art EAT-UP details here –


CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Deadline Extended to July 1st !

More details about the Pro Art’s Eat-UP below –


Last Summer we worked with Art House Productions to develop criteria for Artists wishing to participate in SJC’s Rain Garden + ART Campaign and we will circle back with them again in the Fall in our promotional and fund raising campaign for these installations.

Other partners on the project are the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and the NJ Tree Foundation.

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