Let’s Call for Green Infrastructure in Jersey City

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection needs our help! If you've been following SJC for a while, you know that 65% of Jersey City is served by a combined sewer (rain water + sewage in one pipe) that overflows a lot. The NJDEP is re-writing the requirements to get permits to allow for these overflows and want community input. This is a Continue Reading

Crowd-sourced Rain Garden Installed

The long awaited post about the Rain Garden installation at St. Paul's is here! On May 31st, 2014, the NJ Tree Foundation arrived at St. Paul's Lutheran Church near the 5 Corners, to create a beautiful, natural stormwater infiltration system aka a rain garden. The 5 foot by 50 foot garden will collect rain runoff from the adjacent parking lot. It will Continue Reading

Can ordinary residents help resolve flooding caused by Jersey City’s aging combined sewer system?

Yes they can! Just like it took all the Whos in Whoville singing for Horton to hear them, if enough residents of Jersey City say they want beautiful trees and plants to suck up the rain water rather than building big holding tanks, the City might hear them and move to develop a Green Infrastructure policy, saving us millions of dollar$$. Show your support Continue Reading

Permaculture at Bright Street Community Garden

As part of SJC's Urban Farming and Gardening Workshop Series, permaculture extraordinaire Wanda Knapik came to JC to give a demonstration at an underutilized lot on Bright Street for growing food using permaculture principles. It was a great turn out despite the threat of rain. Wanda started the event with some T'ai Chi to get the energy flowing Continue Reading

Green Map in the news

The Hudson Reporter interviewed some SJC members during a meeting at Green Map headquarters in NYC. This is great publicity for the green mapping effort. We need the whole community to get involved in adding their bits of information to the map to really get the whole picture. The benefit of having a public built green map is that we can use that Continue Reading


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