About Us

We are Jersey City’s designated Community Green Team, launching the vision for an action team of community stakeholders in 2010, while some of us were involved in organizing the Farms In the City public forum event, and officially establishing SJC in September of 2011. Since that time, our focus has been to align ourselves with the Sustainable Jersey municipal certification program, to support municipal certification activities, and more importantly, to establish a roadmap for community collaboration, with hopes to create a more sustainable place to live and work, neighborhood by neighborhood.  Our efforts have been award winning with more information about our activities below.

SJC Overview- March 2018 ppt presentation

Sustainable Jersey Scorecard Program –

Sustainable Jersey 2016 STATE OF THE STATE REPORT

Sustainable Jersey 2017 STATE OF THE STATE REPORT

City of Jersey City Reports –

Background –

In September of 2011 we formally established Sustainable Jersey City, as an opportunity to bring sustainability education to community stakeholders and to establish a platform for citywide neighborhood project initiatives, offering an organized umbrella of support.  As a Collaborative Network, SJC acts as a Social Impact Hub, providing technical assistance and partnership to individuals and community orgs, and developing funding opportunities for projects we initiate and / or support.  The organization is made up of a broad interest group of civic minded stakeholders, interested to work on making Jersey City NEIGHBORHOODS more sustainable places to live and work.


SJC’s Mission Statement here.

SJC’s Sustainability Action Plan Campaign Paper –  Offered for 2013 Mayoral Race


To conceive, plan and implement sustainability-related projects and programs across the various NEIGHBORHOODS of Jersey City, and to support others in their own projects and programs. We believe passionately in COLLABORATION, and are always seeking to develop and consolidate networks of like-minded individuals in support of positive changes and developments in our urban community. That includes working more effectively with municipal officials and other non-governmental authorities operating in Jersey City.


We work hard toward building greater, more localized skills and knowledge in the areas of sustainable community development, with the goal to empower groups and individuals to become more successful green civic actionaries – this on behalf of their own neighborhoods. By providing educational opportunities, toolkits and nurturing broad civic participation, we will help Jersey City to become the greenest and most sustainable city in New Jersey.

Global Meets Local

We hope to inspire a wave of regenerative thinking and cultural change in preparation for and in response to some of the broader global challenges we face, which are reaching our front doors here in Jersey City, i.e., fundamental concerns having to do with healthy, affordable access to food, water and housing, home and neighborhood security, clean / responsible energy programs and opportunities for our livelihoods to flourish alongside the local economies we contribute to and draw from.  Climate Change Impacts are here to stay – how do we work together in better ways and make good decisions for the next seven generations to come ?

Organizing Committee

ALL different talents, skills and types of contributions are welcome! Right now we have 3 primary activities going on:

  1. Communications & Educational Outreach:  As we evolve our website platform and social media tools, we try to make sure we connect with local organizations and media channels interested to help us educate the public about sustainability opportunities here in Jersey City.  In addition to the variety of workshops, film series, and other events, we offer our annual Certificate Program in Urban Sustainability to the public.
  2. Fundraising & Grant Writing: We believe there is a lot of opportunity to fund the projects both SJC and neighborhood stakeholders design for Jersey City.  Partnering with municipal government and other community orgs is our goal when submitting grant proposals.  Our fiscal agent is the Ramapo College Foundation of New Jersey and we partner with ioby.org, our crowd funding / resourcing platform for neighborhood scale impact projects.  We also seek Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, both financial and in-kind.
  3. Strategy Development: SJC is pursuing a hub and spoke operational design as a primary facilitator for three main activities that support our Mission Statement
    • Community Outreach & Education
    • Sustainability Planning for Neighborhoods
    • Innovative Demonstration Projects

SJC is agile and shape-shifting, in response to community needs and interests, which inform our work year to year.  We are also guided by a fabulous network of regional alliances and advisors, integral to both our day to day activities and long-term  planning.

This SJC Org Chart represents our general operating structure, our Distributed Leadership Model and our current Projects.